Lower Sacramento River

(updated April 16, 2022)

The flows are currently at 3,800 cfs.  From Keswick Dam to the 44 Bridge is closed until August 1st. I have been fishing from the Posse Grounds to Anderson and from Anderson to Balls Ferry.  The fishing has been really good with big fish being caught up top and a little small fish down lower but more numbers.  I have been able to get some fish on the swing, stripping in flies, and dry fly late afternoon and evening.  Come and experience the Lower Sacramento River in a different way.   

I now have my Forestry Permit and I am starting to guide walk and wades on Hat Creek, McCloud River, and Pit River.  I have been catching fish Euro nymphing, dry fly, indicator, and swinging.

Please give me a call and make a reservation or if you have any questions You can reach me at: 

(530) 276-1612

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​Brown Rubber legs (size 6)

Small Micro Mays (size 18 to 20)

Sweet Pea (Size 16)

Poxyback PMD (size 16) 

Birdsnest (size 14 to 16)

Hogan's S&M (size 16)

Zebra Midge (size 18)


Rod 9 foot to 9 foot 6 inch, 6 weight

Line 6 to 7 weight

10 to 11 foot leader

Tipet 3x to 4x

Weight SSG

Clothing to match the weather